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Animal photography

My working method

You can book a session for your horse, dog, cat, rat, guinea pig, or rabbit (or any other pet, I'm up for anything!).

we will consult to find a great location where you would like to have your photo session, which suits you and your pet.  If you don't know yet, no problem, we will figure it out.

For busy city locations or if you are unsure about letting your dog off-leash, your dog can remain leashed. The leash will be removed during post-processing after the session. Safety comes first!

Together on a Trip

We will go together on a trip to a beautiful location in nature. We will take our time to capture the photos. You may sometimes need to help me to ensure that your horse has its ears forward or your dog looks straight into my lens. After the session, I will go home to sort and edit the photos.

After booking

You will receive an email to confirm your session day and time. And we will keep in contact about everything!


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