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Individual Dog Walks

There are dogs that cannot join a regular dog walking service. For some dogs, a group walk can also be experienced as very stressful. Peaceful Dogs offers individual walks for these cases, where I come by to walk the dog individually and in their own environment. An individual dog walking service is ideal for any dog, especially for dogs that:

  • Cannot walk off-leash

  • Are prone to anxiety and stress

  • Quickly become overstimulated

  • Cannot get along with other dogs

  • Are very young or already a bit older

  • Cannot travel in a car, van or cargobike

  • Can use extra individual attention


No-obligation introduction

When you contact me, I will come by for a no-obligation introduction. During the introduction, I will explain how I work. We will discuss any wishes and character traits. If the introduction goes well, we can go over the general terms and conditions and sign the key contract. At that moment, you can either hand over the house key immediately or schedule an appointment for a preferred day and time for me to pick it up.


Walking times

Walks take place from Monday to Thursday between the hours:

2:00 PM and 5:00 PM​


working area

  • Berkel en rodenrijs

  • Bergschenhoek

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