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Dog Walker

Group walks

Riding a cargo bike, I will safely pick up and drop off the dogs. The dogs will be walked in small groups up to 5 dogs. I have specifically chosen to walk in small groups as this provides more space for personal attention for the dogs. One of the advantages of the cargo bike is that the dogs don't have to spend a long time in a van. Is your dog not used to a cargo bike? That's certainly not a problem! I will practice beforehand and make sure your dog is comfortable in the cargo area. The dogs are also secured in the cargo bike to prevent them from jumping out. The cargo bike I use is the Babboe Max-E.


No-obligation introduction

When you contact me, I will come by for a no-obligation introduction. During the introduction, I will explain how I work. We will discuss any wishes and character traits. If the introduction goes well, we can go over the general terms and conditions and sign the key contract. At that moment, you can either hand over the house key immediately or schedule an appointment for a preferred day and time for me to pick it up.


Walking times

Walks take place from Monday to Thursday between the hours:

  • Morning walks: from 9.00 till 11.00

  • afternoon walks: from 12.00 till 14.00

All walks have a minimum duration of 60 minutes unless otherwise agreed upon.

walking area

  • Berkel en rodenrijs

  • Bergschenhoek

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